The plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters is never far from our minds. For June 2015, our charity of the month is Aman Palestin. 

Aman Palestin began its operation in late 2004 as an initiative to help and distribute contributions while observing the welfare and human rights of the Palestinians as a whole. Their activities include:

  • The construction of orphanages. 
  • The Education Assistance for Palestinian students.
  • Allowance for the Palestinian orphans. 
  • The Poor Families Financing Project in Palestine.
  • The Self-Sufficiency Agricultural Project in Nablus.
  • The Break Fasting Project. Providing food for refugees, orphans and the Palestinian people to break their fasting.
  • Medical Aid. 
  • The Aidil Adha Qurban Project for Palestine. 
  • Eid Celebration Aid. 
  • The Ambulance Project for Hamzah Clinic.
  • The Orphans Activity Project.


Please visit their website at where you can read more about their activities and make direct donations.