For the last month of this year, we have chosen to sponsor an orphan under the charity Muslim Hands. We are planning to sponsor an orphan for at least one year, and Insyaa Allah of course, if we are able, even more orphans for many more years.

They are currently sponsoring over 12,000 orphans in over 20 countries and their sponsorship programme spans a period of 20 years.

Reading all of the stories of the sponsored orphans, one can't help but be touched by their plight and filled with admiration for all the wonderful work Muslim Hands is doing. A donation of 27GBP per month will help orphans receive education, training, welfare and support, and nutrition and health assistance. 

We will update everyone if we receive any news of the sponsored orphan, and we thank you for your generous support.

If you would like to sponsor an orphan or make a one-off donation, you can visit the Muslim Hands website here