For February 2016, the RM10 collected from the purchase of each Hessa bag this month will be donated to the Eye Restoration Programme through the Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust.

This is a project close to my heart, as my mother underwent cataract surgery a few years ago and it has made such a difference to her daily life. For the Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust, their Eye Restoration Campaign target for 2015-2016 is to perform 100,000 cataract surgeries in 8 countries which include: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Somalia, Gambia, Kenya, Sudan and Palestine. 

The Eye Restoration programme is only one of various charitable efforts undertaken by the charity. Although their sector of expertise is in healthcare, they also provide aid during disasters and emergencies and assist in sponsoring orphans and hafazan.  You can read all about the charity and the amazing work they do all over the world here

We wish them all the best, and may Allah reward them for their efforts, Ameen.