This February, we have chosen as our charity of the month, the Turkish charity IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

We first heard of the charity when Mufti Ismail Menk visited the border between Turkey and Syria and highlighted the plight of the refugees there.

IHH was set up in 1992, and aimed to deliver aid to everyone in need, such as victims of war, natural disaster, or those wounded, crippled, starved, homeless and persecuted, regardless of religion, language, race or sect. So far they have provided aid in 135 countries and territories, and counting.

Besides providing shelter, food and medical services to Syrian refugees, IHH also provides emergency aid to Gaza, East Turkestan, Rohingya and Iraq. In addition, they also have specific programmes to assist orphans, and also a cataract campaign, a water wells campaign, and various other aid initiatives.

We have made a donation on behalf of our purchasers for the Aid Pack for Syrian Children, but there are various other causes that you can donate to. Please visit their website and also Facebook page for more details of the amazing work that they're doing. May Allah shower His bountiful blessings to all involved and elevate them to the highest ranks of Jannah, ameen.