This February, we have chosen a wonderful charity as our charity of the month - the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF).

Founded in the USA in 1991, the PCRF aims to provide medical and humanitarian relief collectively and individually to Arab children throughout the Levant, regardless of their nationality, politics or religion. They have  professional volunteer medical advisors in many different specialties from all over the world who help to direct and support the treatment of patients and developing long-term support for training and medical missions.

Last year, they sent 145 medical missions to Gaza, West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon, sent 40 children abroad for medical treatment and and benefited 12,786 children. 

Recently, amongst others, they sponsored 15 children from Syria for ENT surgery in Lebanon, sent a French oncologist to Gaza, and provided winter relief to refugee children in Lebanon. 

Read more about the amazing work they're doing at the website here and their Facebook page here.

Jazakumullahu khairan for our February purchasers, RM10 from the sale of each bag has been donated :)