It's a new year, let's make it a fresh start and fill it with great intentions! :))

For January 2018, we have chosen Suka Society as our Charity of the Month.

SUKA Society or Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-kanak Malaysia (SUKA) is a registered Non Governmental Organization established to protect and preserve the best interests of children.

Their main focus right now is in three main areas, namely greater access to education for Orang Asli children, protecting and restoring women and child survivors of human trafficking and advocating for alternatives to detention for children affected by arrest and detention.


It's no wonder that they were awarded the United Nations Malaysia Award 2015 for their work. They run wonderful programmes to make sure children in crisis situations, such as trafficked children and children in detention, receive fair and just treatment and that all children, especially those who are marginalised, are empowered to grow and develop into their best potential. 

More info can be obtained from their website or their Facebook page. Make a difference in a child's life and donate today :))

Jazakumullahu khair to our January purchasers, may Allah accept it from us and from you. .. Insyaa Allah ...