If we live in areas where water is abundant, most of the time we do take it for granted. It's hard to imagine life where clean water is a precious commodity, where we have to walk miles every day just to find water for our families. Yet that is a reality for many in some parts of the world. 

Our Charity of the Month for July is charity:water, a US-based non-profit organization whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. Besides the tremendous work that they do, we also appreciate the fact that 100% percent of donations are used to fund water projects.

So far they have funded over 20,000 water projects in 24 countries, and counting. They not only fund new projects, but also ensure that past projects are well maintained, by forging close relationships with the community and local partners.

Head over to their website here, and read all about their beautiful and heartwarming field stories. Our favourite? The lovely story of Mulitani Yesaya from Malawi, which you can read here.


 Give generously, and give from the heart! :)))