Assalamualaikum everyone! :)

For the month of July 2017, we are guided by our beloved Prophet s.a.w' s hadith:

"If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift (sadaqah) for him." - Imam Bukhari.

Our charity is the Trees for Life programme run by the Palestine Fair Trade Association which provides olive & almond saplings to Palestinian farmers and covers the majority of the cost of the saplings.  

The Trees for Life initiative, which started in 2006, targets young families, starter farmers, small farmers, women farmers, and farmers who have recently cultivated lands impacted by the Israeli wall or subject to field or trees destruction by the Israeli military. In 2016, more than 13,542 saplings have been distributed to more than 250 farmers in 20 various villages in the west bank.


Our contribution was chanelled through Zaytoun, a social enterprise and community interest company based in the UK, which aims to create and develop a UK market for artisanal Palestinian produce.

For further info, please visit the PFTA website here or you can also read all about Zaytoun and make a donation here.

Barakallahu feek to our July customers :)