We love when people get together to do wonderful things for the less fortunate ... and invite even more people to join them! Now this is a squad we will be cheering for!

For the month of June 2018, our charity of the month is the Ukhwah 4 Ummah, and specifically their Squad - Global Celebrity Volunteer campaign.

Ukhwah for Ummah is an NGO, aiming to invite people to the program and instil brotherhood among fellow Muslims and showcase the beauty of Islam to other religions. They hold monthly tarbiah and motivational programs, shahadah programmes for new Muslim brothers and sisters, visits to orphanages and the elderly, and also launched global compaigns to raise funds to build a mosque in Seville, Spain and Tadabur Quran in Egypt. 

For their Squad - Global Celebrity Volunteer program, 12 Malaysian celebrities join forces to help raise money for 4 projects in 4 countries - Tabang 4 Marawi (Philippines), Water 4 Malawi (Malawi), School 4 Godda (India) and Misija 4 Bosnia (Bosnia).

For this month, we have chosen the Water 4 Malawi project - aimed at improving health and hygiene levels of vulnerable communities affected by flooding. An estimated 6,000 people are expected to benefit in the provision of water supply to rural Malawi, which is a truly worthwhile cause.


Come and join the squad, donate and make a difference! Take a peek at their website here or get the deets from their Facebook page here.

Jazakumullahu khairan.