The news of brother Ali Banat's passing recently greatly saddened us. Being diagnosed with cancer, instead of bringing him down, in fact spurred him on to change his life and to continuously seek the pleasure of Allah s.w.t.. For our charity of the month, we have chosen brother Ali's charity, MATW (Muslims Around The World) Project.


MATW- Muslims Around The World started out in October 2015 to assist those less fortunate in the poverty stricken areas of Togo in Africa. It aims to build a village which will be home to over 200 widows, a masjid for the local community and a school to house 600 orphans. A mini hospital/medical centre and businesses to support the local community are also going to be established. Best of all, 100% of the donations will be delivered with 0% administrative fee as all fees are covered by sponsorship.

They have various projects ongoing, such as the Chive project (2 schools, a mosque, homes for widows and children), the MATW Village Project (200 homes for widows/orphans, colleges for young adults, mosque, medical centre) as well as projects for water wells, cemeteries, and orphan sponsorships.


We have donated RM10 from each bag purchased, on behalf of our purchasers, to the Togo Village Fund. May Allah s.w.t. accept it from our purchasers and from us, and may Allah raise the rank of brother Ali and enter him into Jannatul Firdaus without hisab. Ameen.

Please read more about the MATW project here or vist their Facebook page here.