Assalamualaikum  :)

For the month of October 2016, we have made a donation on behalf of our purchasers to the Telekung Project. The Telekung Project started out as a small initiative in 2011, to provide prayer attire or telekung to the needy. They are now a registered NGO and has launched various charitable drives such as Building Repair 4 Ukhwah (repairing a madrasa in Cambodia), Solat Kit, Food Aid 4 Ukhwah, Winter Aid 4 Ukhwah and many more.

The sadaqah we have given is specifically for the Al Quran 4 Ukhwah, to provide copies of the al Quran and tafseer in Japanese to the mosque in Kobe, Japan.

Our new brothers and sisters there need the tafseer to learn more about Islam, and the drive aimed to provide 100 copies to the mosque, together with solat kits, on 3 December 2016.


Alhamdulillah, they have exceed their initial target and received funds enough for 165 copies :))  This particular fund raising initiative is now closed, but you can be updated about their charitable activities by following their Facebook page here or their website here.

May Allah reward them for their amal and da'wah, and may Allah accept all good deeds from you and us, Insyaa Allah.