July 28, 2016


Inspiration In The Everyday

It is indeed a strange and wonderful thing, inspiration. And exasperating too, sometimes! We can wait days and weeks and even years for inspiration to appear, or it can come in the blink of an eye. 

For our second range, we wanted to focus on something all of us can identify with, something we do and practice on the daily. There were many sleepless nights (!), discarded ideas, duas and prayers. And then it occurred to us, how big a part the concept of Salam or Peace plays in our lives. The word Islam, itself, means peaceful and willing submission. We greet one another by wishing peace. And in a wider role, we wish for peace, the existence of an ideal society, Dar-As Salaam, more than ever in these difficult times.


For the patterns in the Salam range, we chose olives (a universal symbol of peace), beautiful and bright paper planes spreading peace in a bright blue sky and thirdly, as a reminder of the vast dominion of Allah s.w.t., a mysterious cosmos of constellations and planets.

We hope you like the choices of bags and wallets we provide, and if you are one of our purchasers, that they are a useful reminder of our beautiful religion.

Now, onwards to the next range!


Love, Shamsiah




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