About Us

Hessa was born out of a desire to create more meaning in our everyday lives, in our everyday things.  It is so easy, in this busy world, to focus too much on the dunya, to let things slip, to momentarily forget.  We hope gentle reminders in the things we carry and bring with us might help bring our focus back to our deen, and we strive to produce items which are not only meaningful, but practical and also beautiful.
Our bag's designs are specially commissioned and exclusive to us, and will incorporate elements that make our lives easier (easy to clean surfaces, and oh yes, plenty of pockets!!)  in various sizes. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to charity, and we will highlight a different charity every month and the amazing things that they do.
Please, sit back, relax and have a leisurely browse through our pages. We hope you like what you see!
We welcome any and all questions, comments and suggestions!
Jazakallah khair,
The Hessa team
Hessa Destiny Resources (SA0311309-K)
Tel: +6012 394 9540
Email: sales@hessabags.com